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This is a collection of your HomeBrew recipes


            BLACK DOG STOUT

            1 can Coopers Stout

            1 kg Dark Dried Malt Extract

            250g  Cracked Crystal Malt

            50g Roasted Barley

20g Freeze Dried Coffee

125g Black Strap Molasses

3 Rows Of Bakers Chocolate (Large Block Of Plaistow Brand)

12g Fuggles Hop Pellets


In a large pot add 2 litres of hot water and the Molasses, boil for 10 mins, and then add the crystal malt, roasted barley,and the baker’s chocolate. Turn the heat off and let stand for 30 mins with the lid on the pot.

Stir every 10 mins to prevent the chocolate from sticking to the bottom. Then strain the mixture into your fermenter

and add all other ingredients. Brew out in the normal way.

Russell Bradley. Brisbane. QLD. Australia



1 can Coopers Draught

1 kg Liquid Malt Extract

1 kg Liquid Dark Malt Extract

250g Crystal Malt

5g Salt

125g Corn Syrup

12g Fuggles Hop Pellets


Boil Coopers Draught, Malt Extracts, Corn Syrup, Salt for 50 mins in a large pot.

Then add Fuggles hop pellets and Crystal Malt and boil a further 5 mins, then strain into your fermenter.

Top up with cold water to the 23 litre mark, when wort has cooled add the yeast.

Gordon Blockley. Logan Village. QLD. Australia



3kg ESB Bavarian Wheat Beer

            White Labs WLP300 Hefeweizen Yeast

            Distilled water

            Rack into secondary fermenter ,  use dextrose for bottle carbonation

            Bathrone.   Australia


            MORISH ALE

        1 can Coopers Real Ale

           500g Dextrose

           250g Light Dry Malt Extract

           150g Golden Syrup

           250g Dry Corn Syrup

           6g Goldings Hop Pellets (Boiling)

           6g Goldings Hop Pellets (Finishing)

           1 Pkt Coopers Dry Yeast (From the Kit)

            Les Smith    AussieHomeBrewing


            DANIEL'S BREW

        1 can Coopers Real Ale

           500g Dextrose

           400g Treacle

           100g Dark Cane Sugar

           250g Dry Corn Syrup

           1 Pkt Coopers Dry Yeast (From the Kit)

            Recipe Supplied by Daniel Woods



        2 cans Coopers Sparkling Ale

            1.5 kg Morgans Caramalt extract

            1 kg Dry Malt Extract

            250g Dry Corn Syrup

            2 Pkts Coopers Dry Yeast (From the Kits)

             Brew to 46 Litre's

             Brewed @ 21C for 7 days then leave it for another 5 days in the fermenter before bottling.

             1 month for carbonation and maturing.

             Overall nice beer, full of flavour, taste of its own.

             Recipe Supplied by Owen Holland...Canberra:Australia



             2 cans Coopers Pale Ale

             1.5kg  Morgans Extra Pale Malt Extract

             1kg Brewcraft German Lager Enhancer

             500g Dry Light Malt Extract

             250g Dry Corn Syrup

             1 x Morgans Pride of Ringwood hops infusion bag

             2 Pkts Coopers Dry Yeast (From the Kits)

             NOTES: Boil 3L of hot water and add 2 cans Coopers Pale Ale,1.5Kg Morgans Extra Pale Malt Extract,

             1Kg Brewcraft German Lager Enhancer,500g Dry Light Malt Extract,250g Dry Corn Syrup.

              Top water up to around 10L and boil infusion hop bag for 15 min stirring till all is mixed.

              12L of heated ingredients maximum unless you intend to cool.

              Pour into the fermenter and top up to 46L using cold water, add yeast when temp is between 19C & 23C.

              Recipe Supplied by Owen Holland...Canberra:Australia


If you have any Home Brew recipes that you would like to share with others

EMAIL ME and I will put them on this page for all to see.

Cheers…Les Smith