Brewers  Calculator

It calculates  alcohol percent (%) by weight and by volume, and cals (calories) per 375ml serving. 

The first reading is of the beer wort (this is the liquid in your fermenter) before you start the fermentation. You should take this reading when all the water has been added to the wort and you are ready to add the yeast. Run a sample out of the tap into your test flask and set it aside for a while to cool to about 20C.                      This reading is called the ORIGINAL GRAVITY

The second reading is of the finished beer.
This is taken when you are ready to bottle your beer.    
This reading is called the FINAL GRAVITY

Enter the Original and Final gravity of your Homebrew and click : Calculate.

Starting Apparent Final Real Final
Specific Gravity
Degrees Plato

Alcohol % (wt) Alcohol % (vol) Cals (375ml serving)


                            NOTE: The calculated alcohol percentage includes an allowance for the alcohol                       made in the bottle during secondary fermentation. 

"Degrees Plato" = weight % of sugar per total weight of the solution 

The specific gravity (density) of the liquid known as wort is measured by a saccharometer. This device used to measure dissolved sugars was invented by a man named Balling. His scale was found to render results which were close but not close enough. So a Dr. Plato of Germany made corrections to the original device.In brewing we now refer to degrees Plato when measuring the specific gravity of the wort.