Bridge Plans

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Howe Truss Bridge
up to 51" (1295mm) long
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.


Thru Truss Bridge
28.5" (724mm) long
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.


Deck Truss Bridge
up to 40" (1016mm long, includes plan for wood abutment.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Deck Truss Bridge & Trestle Bent Plan(B).
Includes Deck Truss Bridge Plan & Trestle Bent Plan(B) (without stringer layout plan)
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD


King Post Truss Bridge
20" (508mm) long
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.


Trestle Bent(A)
3 sizes in one plan, 3 story, 2 story and 1 story high.
Plans include a stringer layout for a 5' radius curve.(152.5cm)
This trestle is a 3 story bent (660mm) but can be shortened to 2 stories (440mm) or 1 story (220)                                     
It can also be increased to 5 or even 6 stories.
One and a Half Sheets : $15.50 AUD.
Trestle Bent(B) without stringer layout plan.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD


4 x Wooden Bridge Plans
Includes Howe Truss Bridge, Thru Truss Bridge, Deck Truss Bridge, King Post Truss Bridge.
Four Sheets : $42.00 AUD.


Vermont Covered Railroad Bridge
30" (762mm) to 72" (1829mm) as required.
It is authentic compared to other bridge plans and is best
suited to the more experienced modeler.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.


D&RG Plate Girder Bridge
31.5" (800mm) long, but can be modified to suit.
The bridge is of all-glued construction using ready
available "Plastruct" sheet, beams & angles.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.


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