Structure Plans

Stations                                               Click on the drawings below to see "Station" photos

Kaslo & Slocan Station
12.75" x 32" x 16" high (813mm x 406mm)
This depot was built in the gay 90's
in Kaslo, BC for K&S branch of the Great Northern RR
It makes an impressive model for your main station.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.  




New Jersey Country Station
17" x 25" over platform (432mm x 525mm)
A basic station for a small railroad or branch line.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.  




South Pacific Coast Station
14.5" x 28.5" over platform (368mm x 724mm)
can be shortened 3" to 4"
A handsome 1900's station for freight & passenger service.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.    




                                                                 Denver & Rio Grande Station at Cumbres
12.75" x 20" x 23" over eaves. (324mm x 508mm x 584mm)
Small multi purpose station & crew house typical of the small
stations & crew shelters on the old narrow gauge railroads.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.




Three Flagstop Stations
The largest is about 10.75" x 10" (273mm x 254mm) over platform
Based on Maine 2 foot gauge & Pennsylvania RR branch line prototypes.
Has a bonus coal box included on the plans.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD



Other Railroad Structures         

                                                                                                                      Click on the drawings below to see "Other Railroad Structure" photos

NN-RWY, Ely Nevada Yardmarster's Office
20" x 24.5" (508mm x 622mm)
This building still exists and may have originally been a station.
It now appears to be used for storage, but was probably a
Yardmaster's Office in the railroad's hay day.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.
WX Interlocking Tower
8.5" x  9" x 13" high (216mm x 330mm)
An interlocking tower that lasted for over 50 years on the New York Central.
Plans are in 1:24 scale to use commercially available windows.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
SP Gateman's Tower
5" x 5" x 8" tall (127mm x 127mm x 203mm)
Southern Pacific Gateman's Tower plus bonus crossing gate,
road side billboard & telephone hut/outhouse.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD


Denver & Rio Grande Coaling Tower
19" x 21" x 32" (483mm x 533mm x 813mm)
A large, impressing & complex project, based on actual plans
and photos of the tipple in Chama.
Four Sheets : $42.00 AUD.
This plan is not recommended for the inexperienced modellers!
Denver & Rio Grande Sandhouse at Chama
12.5" x 17" (317mm x 432mm)
Representing the interesting structure in Chama, New Mexico
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.
Denver & Rio Grande Section House, ca 1887
21" x 19.5" (533mm x 495mm)
Would also make an attractive rand or farm house.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.
Denver & Rio Grande Section House
Colorado & Southern Section House
12.75" x 20" (324mm x 508mm)
An impressive 1900 section house,
could also be a farm house, inn, tavern or bawdy house.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD


Two Denver & Rio Grande Bunkhouses
8" x 13.25" and 10.125" x 16.5"
(203mm x 337mm) and (257mm x 419mm)
Two bunk and crew houses from the D&RG.
The smaller is a board & batten crew house in Sublette,Colorado
and the the larger is a log bunk house in Chama New Mexico.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD
Denver & Rio Grande Stockyard
size to suit
Ship your cattle from this authentic western stock yard.
Includes loading chute, gates, ramp, etc
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Railroad Freight House
13" x 34" (330mm x 864mm)
Large enough to handle all your town's LCL shipments.
Two Sheets $21.00 AUD.


Nevada Country Narrow Gauge Box Car
4.75" x 15.63" (121mm x 397mm)
Typical 26' narrow gauge car.
Plans include both detailed fine scale freight car
and simple to build yard office conversion.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.


Gallows Frame Turntable
32" (813mm) long and can be lengthened.
Based on a Southern Pacific turntable at Medoc, California
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Trackside Structures-1
Plans include handcar shed, shed/tool house,
oil shed, coaling derrick and 250 gal oil tank.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.



Trackside Structures-2
Denver & Rio Grande Section Handcar-Tool House, Coal Crib and Tool Box.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
SET # 1 Trackside Structures 1 & 2
Includes Handcar shed, shed/tool house,oil shed, coaling derrick and 250 gal oil tank.                        Denver & Rio Grande Section Handcar-Tool House, Coal Crib and Tool Box.                                           Two Sheets: $21.00 AUD



Three Track Engine House at Rico, Colorado.
33" x  67" (838mm x 1702mm) can be shortened.
The Rio Grand Southern, three track engine house at Rico, Colorado
had doors at both ends to hold up to six locomotives.
This model, based on original engineering drawings, makes a very
impressive structure on your layout.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.
Two Stall Engine House
22" x 32" (559mm x 813mm)
16" x 32" (406mm x 813mm) with out workshop.
Will take a Bachmann Ten Wheeler and can be lengthened
for larger locomotives.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.
One Stall Engine Shed
14.75" x 32" (375mm x 813mm) with workshop
Long enough for a Ten Wheeler, but can be shortened
to suit your logging engines.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.

Business                             Click on the drawings below to see "Business"photos.

Atlantic Cable Silver Mine at Rico, Colorado
5.5" x 18"  (140mm x 457mm)  for minimum mine, trestle & shed increased size
Based on the mine circa 1900.
Plans also include drawings of trestle, mine car, cage and machinery shed.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.


Prairie Grain Elevator
22" x 22" x 33" tall (559mm x 831mm)
Modeled after an actual elevator complex in Dunleath, Saskatchewan.
Three Sheets : $31.50 AUD.


Balloon Annex...(for above)
10.5" x 21" (267mm x 533mm)
This grain storage annex will complete your Grain Elevator complex.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
SET # 2 Grain Elevator & Balloon Annex
Includes prairie grain elevator and balloon annex for an impressive complex.
Four Sheets : $42.00 AUD.
Feed and Grain Business
21" x 28" (533mm x 711mm)
Typical of the many small town businesses throughout North America.
Three Sheets : $31.50 AUD.


One Story Village Stores
9" x 9" each (229mm x 229mm)
Three Stores..small barber shop, grocery and office, all of the early 1900's.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.


Two Story Village Stores
10.5" x 11.5" each (267mm x 292mm)
Four stores including a Masonic Hall, suitable for any small town.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.


Gunnison Pioneer Dairy Barn
13" (plus 8" shed) x 29" long  (330mm (plus 203mm shed) x 737mm)
This 1880 dairy barn was built of squared logs with board gable ends.
Later the logs were covered with board & batten planking to eliminate drafts and chinking.
Plans show both details so the modeler can do as preferred.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.
Barkerville Livery Stable
10.5" x 11" plus 7" x 11" extension
(267mm x 279mm plus 278mm x 279 extension)
Also suited as a sized medium barn.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Houses & Other Town Building
                                                                                                 Click on the drawings below to see "Houses & Other Town Building" photos.
The Barkerville Church
9.5" x 16.5" basic building (241mm x 419mm)
14.5" x 22" (368mm x 559mm) with Apse & Sunday school
Based on St.Saviour's Church in Barkerville, British Columba.
Thee Sheets : $31.50 AUD.
Church in the Vale
10.5" x 18" (267mm x 457mm)
A smaller simpler church
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Little Red School House
10.5" x 18" (267mm x 457mm)
The traditional one room country school.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
SET # 3 Church & School House
Includes Church in the Vale and Little Red School House.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.
Homestead House*
10.5" x 13" (267mm x 330mm)
Based on a pioneer farmhouse near Victoria, British Columba
and typical of the early log homes across North America,
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Old Thyme Farm House*
10.5" x 13" (267mm x 330mm) includes the porch.
A modification of the above log cabin with a different roof line and porch.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Cottonwood House*
17" x 18" (432mm x 457mm) includes the wing)
The original, built in 1865 as a stage stop and farm house, still stands near
Barkerville, British Columba.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
Small Shed*
9" x 11" (229mm x 279mm) with loading dock.
Converts the Cottonwood House into a small town industry, or can stand alone
as a small freight shed or the loading dock of any small business.
One Sheet : $12.00 AUD.
* Indicates pioneer type squared log building typical of many in the Northwest,
the mountain states and hill country of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Tennessee.


SET # 4 Cottonwood House and Small Shed*.
Includes Cottonwood House & Small Shed.
Two Sheets : $21.00 AUD.


SET # 5 Three Houses and Small Shed*.
Includes Homestead House, Old Thyme Farm House, Cottonwood House & Small Shed.
Four Sheets : $42.00 AUD.


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